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What is Insurance?

Insurance is a form of financial protection against risk. When a person or business buys insurance, he pays a relatively small amount of money to compensate the loss.

There are two parties to an insurance contract, the insurance company, and the policyholder. The person or business who benefits from the insurance is the policyholder. The business providing the protection is the insurance company. A typical insurance transaction involves the policyholder paying the insurance company a small amount in case of loss. Continue reading What is Insurance?

Why do I need to do a vehicle insurance?

There are many insurance services on the market, but some are essential to everyone. Vehicle insurance is one of the many insurance services one needs to get. Since coverage is about protection from risks, everyone needs to protect themselves against risk in one area or the other in their life.

Sometimes, one may ask why the need for vehicle insurance since I am a careful and meticulous person. This leads us to the reasons why protection is right for you. Just ask our friends over at They see accidents every day involving people without coverage.

For most families, vehicles are an essential part of their lifestyle. Most of these families buy their cars on credit. Thus, a vehicle insurance is necessary if you do not want to pay for the same car twice and not get to enjoy it. Studies also show that purchasing a vehicle is the second most significant decision people make in their lifetime. So, insurance is essential.

Another reason insurance is vital is because of unforeseen circumstances. Continue reading Why do I need to do a vehicle insurance?